The Bethlehem Project is helping the Christian minority find hope for the future in the midst of difficulties created by the volatile situation in the Middle East. Communities that have carried traditions for over a thousand years are vanishing from their ancestral homes. Bethlehem, a city that changed the world and left an indelible mark civilization is home to one of these disappearing communities.  Many educated and experienced people are without work and without hope.


These projects are creating hope for their future!   


Current Projects


Sewn goods operation - The Bethlehem Project’s sewn goods operation was the first project to provide work for Palestinian Christians.  All the materials for the products are purchased in Bethlehem from Christian owned and operated businesses.   


“After living in Jordan for 10 years, my family came back to Bethlehem to look for jobs. I was out of work for 20 years until I found this job. This factory gives us hope for a better situation for our families in the future.”  - Mary



Tutoring and leadership center - in cooperation with local missionaries and a private Christian school the Bethlehem Project launched a tutoring and leadership training center that will serve Christian and Muslim students of all ages. The tutoring center began working with its first students in March of 2017. 


Olive wood operation -  olive wood production is a major source of income for the Palestinian community in Bethlehem.  The fluctuating tourism industry has created a strain on this large workforce.  The Bethlehem Project plans to begin working with unemployed olive wood craftsmen to help them find outlets for their products that will not be subject to the unpredictable trends in tourism.  Bethlehem Arise is the first olive wood company launched by The Bethlehem Project.  




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