The Bethlehem Project is empowering ideas, training leaders and creating hope by establishing small businesses.  


Over the last half-century, the Christian population in Bethlehem has dwindled from a majority of more than 80% to a struggling minority of less than 15%. The religious and political climate has produced a difficult economic situation and threatens the ability of Christians to survive. The Bethlehem Project, in cooperation with local churches, nonprofits, and business leaders, is working to provide employment and actualize opportunity through establishing small businesses and creating business-to-business relationships. 


The Bethlehem Project works with local partners to identify entrepreneurs, develop their business models, provide leadership training and work to secure funding when needed.  The Bethlehem Project’s vision is to lower unemployment in the Christian minority population to less than ten percent and create a network of leaders to serve as employers and mentors.  The long term goal is to see the job creation expand beyond the minority Christian community.


Religious and political turmoil in the Middle East has left ethnic and religious minorities struggling to survive and many are virtually on the brink of disappearing. Your cooperation with the Bethlehem Project helps secure the future of Palestinian Christians.






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